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DAW is a group of medium-sized waste management companies that manage about 750.000 tons of waste each year. It is owned by, i.e. its shares are held by, DAW Deutsche Abfallwirtschafts-Gesellschaft mbH, founded in 1988 and based in Bad Schwartau near Lübeck. DAW is a specialized waste management company with about 10 subsidiaries and affiliates and cooperates on a partnership basis with numerous waste management companies. Its portfolio includes recycling and disposal of all kinds of waste as well as consultancy, approval and project management, and logistics services.

Based on 40 years of experience in waste management DAW finds the economically and ecologically most favourable disposal route for the various wastes to be dealt with by waste generators, waste owners and all those who are obliged to dispose of waste. The approximately 400 expert staff members of DAW and its subsidiaries and affiliates understand the specific requirements of each individual customer and ensure that their wastes are disposed of in the best possible and proper manner. It makes no difference if the DAW group itself has the appropriate disposal facility or not because vast disposal capacities are made available to the group by companies cooperating with DAW on a partnership basis.

DAW group companies constantly respond with flexibility to market requirements and changes in legislation. Therefore they have always been and will continue to be able to offer the necessary level of safe and reliable waste disposal services to their customers. DAW recognized the change in waste management already at an early stage and has repeatedly made investments to realize new procedures that are now state of the art. For 40 years now, DAW group companies have developed innovative recycling methods for a wide variety of waste types. For example, the first stationary soil washing plant in Germany was developed within the DAW group. The group also designed a procedure for the immobilization of sludge which, after treatment, can be recycled in a manner not harmful to the environment. New recycling routes are constantly investigated and implemented, especially for the chemical industry.

DAW GmbH is a subholding of ARAN Holding GmbH and represents the Waste Recycling business line of the ARAN group. The ARAN group includes more than 30 small and medium-sized companies doing business in the fields of Waste Recycling, Technology and Real Estate Development.

  • Currently nine subsidiaries and affiliates of DAW are operating on the waste management market.

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