• afu GmbH Anwendungsgesellschaft für Umweltschutztechniken

    afu GmbH Anwendungsgesellschaft für Umweltschutztechniken is a certified waste management specialist operating a soil treatment plant for hazardous and non-hazardous mineral waste in Berlin-Pankow. The plant operates on the principle of physical-chemical soil washing and mainly treats wastes containing hazardous substances such as soils and construction waste contaminated with organogenic and heavy metals, residues from grit chambers, abrasives, dredged material, contaminated sludges, landfill leachate, and track ballast.

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  • BVO Bodenverwertung Ost GmbH

    BVO Bodenverwertung Ost GmbH is a specialized waste management company active in the treatment and recycling of soils, construction waste, excavated and similar material, and ships and disposes of this kind of material. The company also trades in mineral bulk and recycled building material from its own production. It produces and markets recycled building material for road construction from material left by demolition and dismantling operations, building supplies for laying and backfilling purposes from soil-like waste as well as building supplies for landfill restoration projects (bearing and recultivation layers). For HKV, its affiliate company, BVO processes mineral wastes to make it suitable for open pit mines and uses them to expertly backfill the clay pits of HKV.

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  • Danrec A/S

    Danrec A/S based in Karup/Denmark produces and distributes high-quality plastic plates produced from sorted and cleaned recycled plastic. The plates are supplied in different sizes and colours and have a number of outstanding characteristics: they are resistant against mechanical stresses and high pressures, have a good wear resistance and a high resistance to water, chemicals and biologic-organic liquids. They are easy to handle, to work and to clean and are suited for a wide variety of applications in different industries and trades.

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  • GER Umweltschutz GmbH

    Since 1990 GER Umweltschutz GmbH has mainly been active in the disposal of construction waste, commercial waste and hazardous waste and in wood recycling and composting. This specialized waste management company is based in Grevesmühlen in the North-West of Mecklenburg and mainly supplies customers all over Northern Germany and also throughout Germany. In Degtow near Grevesmühlen the company operates a waste management plant with several treatment and recycling facilities. Its portfolio also includes container services and the provision and emptying of bin systems for construction and commercial wastes as well as for private households. For a biomass thermal power plant GER collects, treats and supplies high-quality fuels in line with the German Biomass Ordinance (Biomasseverordnung).

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  • HKV Herzfelder Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Verwertungs GmbH

    HKV Herzfelder Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Verwertungs GmbH in cooperation with its affiliate BVO Bodenverwertung Ost GmbH is a reliable and solid recycling partner for the construction industry of Berlin when it comes to mineral waste. Both are located in Rüdersdorf near Berlin, district of Herzfelde, and because of their similar businesses they are conditional upon and complement each other successfully in completing disposal projects. HKV GmbH is owner of areas that are used under the terms of mining legislation and as such has the rights and responsibilities to renaturate the open clay pits using mineral waste, which means that the company has capacities to recycle mineral waste, while BVO GmbH has the suitable and approved plant technology in order to backfill the pits expertly and in a manner that is suitable for open pit mines.

  • SUC Sächsische Umweltschutz Consulting GmbH

    SUC Sächsische Umweltschutz Consulting GmbH is active in waste management and has approximately 200 staff members at 8 locations in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The company is a certified waste management specialist and has a certification pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001. SUC with its various specialized departments and divisions operates facilities to treat and recycle waste where a wide variety of waste can be recycled, treated or disposed of properly. In addition, national facilities are available under long-term arrangements. A large range of special bins and the appropriate transport technology ensure that storage and transport are realized in conformity with laws and regulations.

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