Advanced waste management aims at minimizing detrimental effects on the environment while deriving as much benefit as possible from the waste material. This may sound straightforward and reasonable but in practice waste generators are often faced with difficulties. DAW always strives to find the best solution for the customer along the lines of the aim stated above. No matter what kind of waste has to be dealt with – DAW will help each customer find the best possible disposal route. It is not uncommon that the advice given to a customer is to send the waste to facilities operated by companies cooperating with DAW on a partnership basis instead of recycling it in a DAW facility. DAW can use a certain share of the operations of a wide variety of disposal facilities that are available anytime.

Whether small quantities of a type-specific waste or complex disposal projects – DAW provides

  • disposal consultancy
  • development of individual disposal strategies
  • disposal of all kinds of waste
  • approval and project management
  • logistics solutions
  • application-specific advice regarding processes
  • recycling of industrial wastes and products