The experienced staff members of DAW Deutsche Abfallwirtschafts-Gesellschaft mbH, a specialized waste management company, provide disposal consultancy, choose the proper disposal route, manage approvals and projects, take care of logistics issues and of course ensure correct waste recycling and disposal. As a single-source provider with decades of experience in recycling and disposal of all types of waste DAW’s portfolio includes services not only provided by disposal plants owned by the group but also by companies outside the group located all over Germany and in other European countries.

  • Consultancy

    Advanced waste management aims at minimizing detrimental effects on the environment while deriving as much benefit as possible from the waste material. This sounds straightforward and reasonable but in practice waste generators are often faced with difficulties. DAW always strives to find the best solution for the customer along the lines of the aim stated above.

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  • Waste Recycling

    No matter what kind of waste has to be dealt with – DAW will find a proper and advantageous disposal route. Most types of waste can be handled in own facilities within our group of companies. All other wastes can be disposed of in facilities operated by companies cooperating with DAW on a partnership basis.

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  • Logistics

    In the field of waste logistics as well DAW will find a customized solution. A transport of waste will be planned and executed based on the requests of the customer, type of waste, conditions prevailing at the waste generator site and in the disposal plant. DAW is able to realize road, waterway, and railway transport.

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  • Waste Catalogue

    Get the European Waste Catalogue here

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